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Here is a cross-word to be solved. It is taken from Sherlock Holmes' "ASB". It has eleven words, in any order, i.e. from top-to-bottom; left-to-right; bottom-to-top; down-to-up; diagonally upwards, downwards but, adjacent alphabets must be used. Though there are more than eleven words, but these particular ones are the only those, which can form a meaningful sentence/threat.

The file is a valid Win32 Application, i.e. ".EXE" file. Just download, click and install it. It has 5 versions as follows:

  1. Crossword: Crossword Only

  2. Hint: Crossword and Hint

  3. Solved: Crossword and Marked Words

  4. Solved+Hint: Crossword, Marked Words and Hint

  5. Full: Crossword, Marked Words, Hint and The Final Sentence

You must have any PDF viewer on your PC, if you want the full version. I have enabled registration for the last four versions. the keys will be put up here from time-to-time. Just keep in mind that, it is based on ASB.

Some Screen-shots:

Title WindowVersions WindowRegistration Window

Download Link is here:  Download Crossword

Keys to Separate Versions:
Version 2: Hint
Key: 180637-25838906-761318

Version 3: Solved
Key: 362878-37732856-815027

Will be available SHORTLY

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