Super Commando Dhruva - Game Play

A video depicting every feature in the free Flash Game by Birdao, nicknamed as 'B++' on Raj Comics Forums( The game is only a beta version. And This video shows me playing(and also testing) the release on my system.

There are currently no objects to interact with(except the boxes) and certainly no enemies too.

Here is the said video.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 1 Game


02 Tutorial - Download Speed Trick

This is a tutorial for the small hack to your registry so that you can increase your default download speed in Windows Based Operating Systems.

After the successful trick operation, you will be able to have speed almost equal to that of the service providers'.

Their is a small image to have it glorified and make you look forward to it.

Internet Download Manager downloading at extreme speeds

Now, enough talking. Just download another small 1 MB video tutorial and kick the old speeds in KBps and move to have a taste of MBps.

The download link for the video is here.


01 Tutorial - Clock Trick

With this small and quick trick you can change the AM and PM display in your taskbar clock. The final result of the clock in your taskbar shall be like the image below.

The changed clock in taskbar
Look at the taskbar clock, which has weasley in its PM display.

For the trick to work, you will have to watch a small 1 MB tutorial video, available right here.


Adding Watermark to videos

This is a tutorial through images to guide you on the point of how to add watermarks to your videos. The task isn't much difficult, but you must be having proper tools for this.

I used Format Factory by Formatoz, for this work.

There are several other softwares available, but I am used to it.

Now, the steps involved are as follows. First of all, open the Format Factory window (after installing it, of course). The window will be similar to

Then, click on the videos section at the left, and chose the format of the video, which you want for your final result. You will now get a window like this:

Click on the Output Settings button there, and chose any one of the media type from the list

There, in the Output Settings window, you will notice The watermark written there. Expand it, and it will look similar to

Click on the ... written in the first line of watermark category. This will then look like

After clicking, you will be asked to chose a file as shown,

Select the file you want to add as watermark, and click OK in the Output Settings window. There, you will have to addd the file / folder to add files which you want to watermark. Select them like this one:

After all the above steps, just click on OK again, and click on the Start button located on the top. The work will be completed later, and you'll be notified about it.



Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box

The game is a creation of EA Sports and Criterion Games, and a really good one. The cars are realistic and the animation is just amazing. you can't take your eyes off the car, because, that causes your car to CRASH! And turn them to WRECKED!. There are a total of five-and-seventy (75) cars, and four (4) motorcycles. Yes! the game also has 4 bikes. Less number, but twice the fun. The Paradise City is rich in each kind of beauty; whether natural or artificial. You earn cars for Burning Routes (which are for select cars only), Road Rages, Stunt Runs, Races, Bill Boards, Smashes and lots more.

All the events, like Races, Stunt Runs, Burning Routes, Marked Men and Road Rages are marked as different coloured circles on the map, and are located at all the traffic signals in the game. The different coloured circles with their colours are described below.

  • Burning Routes

  • Marked Man

  • Road Rages

  • Stunt Runs

  • Races

Burning Routes

They are provided for selected cars only. In these, you have to beat the time and travel from the start to the end marked by green and red respectively in the map. Winning these routes earn you a new upgraded car model of the same company.

Marked Man

These are the yellow coloured circles in the map. You have to reach your destination without getting WASTED! Two or three cars try to smash you continuously throughout the race. But, you'll have to survive to win.

Road Rages

The red little circles are the best part of this game. just takedown other competitors' cars in the game, to acquire the target takedowns. You can also be taken down, so BEWARE! of other cars too.

Stunt Runs

You earn points for every stunt you perform in this part. You can also get multipliers for BillBoards, Air Time, Barrel Rolls etc. Their is a time limit though. The last combo you are performing will continue till you crash. The combos can be linked by reversing, smashes, boosting etc.


This is the most common part in many other car games. you have to race against some others, from start to the end of race. But, here you are rewarded only when you win the race, by securing a first position.

Now discussing the Gameplay. Why do we need to race and all? Actually, you have a Driving License in the game. This is upgraded by each win. After some continuous wins, you will notice that a new car enters the Paradise City; which neds to be shut down to own it. You need to spot that car on the roads, and take it down. it will reach your Junkyard so that you can chose to play with it too.


Crossword Compiled

Here is a cross-word to be solved. It is taken from Sherlock Holmes' "ASB". It has eleven words, in any order, i.e. from top-to-bottom; left-to-right; bottom-to-top; down-to-up; diagonally upwards, downwards but, adjacent alphabets must be used. Though there are more than eleven words, but these particular ones are the only those, which can form a meaningful sentence/threat.

The file is a valid Win32 Application, i.e. ".EXE" file. Just download, click and install it. It has 5 versions as follows:

  1. Crossword: Crossword Only

  2. Hint: Crossword and Hint

  3. Solved: Crossword and Marked Words

  4. Solved+Hint: Crossword, Marked Words and Hint

  5. Full: Crossword, Marked Words, Hint and The Final Sentence

You must have any PDF viewer on your PC, if you want the full version. I have enabled registration for the last four versions. the keys will be put up here from time-to-time. Just keep in mind that, it is based on ASB.

Some Screen-shots:

Title WindowVersions WindowRegistration Window

Download Link is here:  Download Crossword

Keys to Separate Versions:
Version 2: Hint
Key: 180637-25838906-761318

Version 3: Solved
Key: 362878-37732856-815027

Will be available SHORTLY

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