Harry Potter and Half blood Prince REVIEW

As the anticipated Half Blood-Prince rolls out in the theaters, it also brought joy and smile to all hose Harry Potter fans, who have never ever read any of the seven

books. They are the only ones, who can enjoy that movie... if you call it so. Yes, it had been a nice animation… but not the same for story-line.
There is certainly no comparison between both of them. The movie stands far below even from its prequels. The only justifiable character was that of Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadben), who did his job well. All others are not up to previous five versions.
All those 3 hours had been the most disheartening time I have ever spent, and it had been the first time that I actually slept in any movie... and that too Harry Potter and

the Half Blood-Prince
. What did I chose to watch it then? Read on…
Just because I wanted to have a deep peep in the collection of memories (Pensieve) which Dumbledore had collected. All those were nowhere to be even mentioned. The

best subject in Harry Potter’s life, Defense Against the Dark Arts has been stripped off. Those detentions with Snape? The house points system is

also a forgotten story, and no points have been awarded to anyone.
I am aware of the fact that you can’t exceed a movie time from 3 hours, but 3 parts would have done a better job than this.
I also missed the Dursleys, as it is Dudley who supports Harry blindly in Deathly Hallows. Also I was bored at the fragment of duels at The Burrow that has

been stepped in, there was nothing like it. Rather a fight at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was something much better. It was something funny in the face of

security, when Dumbledore Apparated in and out of the School, rather using the way from Hogsmeade.
As Warner Bros. tell us, harry wasn’t petrified when Dumbledore met his tragic end. Moreover if it hasn’t been in the novel, I wouldn’t have got that Rufus

(who was murdered in Deathly Hallows when he tries to save Harry Potter) is the new Minister for Magic.
I thought that movie would show at least something more than novel when it started with the collapsing of the bridge. I also fail to understand that why has the best fiction

game ever, Quidditch, has been wiped off. As it was the thing which brought Potter and Ginny together, not the ‘Advanced Potion Making’ (book belonging to Half

AKA Snape).
At least Hokey could’ve been a pleasant work in the movie, for it is due to her that Voldemort got that locket and Dumbledore was compelled to drink that potion in

The Cave. The ‘Sectumsempra’ curse presented a tragic scene, as though Snape was just waiting for Harry to use it on Malfoy.
How easily an enthralling movie has been switched to a boring movie. I feel like crying at such a behavior to all of us.
There has been no mention of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley’s marriage. I doubt whether it will be organized or not? If not, then we must be prepared for a new

series arising out of the movies. Dobby shall have to find a new grave, as there is no Shell Cottage. Also, the trio will take shelter somewhere else.
It was amazing news that Bill hasn’t been bit by Fenrir Greyback. I don’t remember if Dumbledore insisted Snape to kill him in Half Blood-Prince though it is

explained in Deathly Hallows.


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