Dexter Appears in Powerpuff Girls

The animation director of the series "The Powerpuff Girls" was Genndy Tartakovsky; who is also credited for Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack. So; it was by chance or by-his-will that he put Dexter in the Pokey-Oaks Kindergaten school near Townsville. ;)

Those of you; who are not acquainted to Dexter or Powerpuff Girls should first check these pics(or click the respective words for wiki links).

Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) The Powerpuff Girls

Now, the following screenshot has been taken from The Powerpuff Girls Season 01 Episode 06; from the half titled "Powerpuff Bluff" in which three guys try to mimic the girls(the picture is at the bottom). The following frame is followed right after the guys being shown.

Dexter appears in Powerpuff Girls

Rough Guys mimicking Powerpuff Girls 

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