Chat Logging bot for DC++

First Things First
  1. I don't know it the bot will work with any other hub software or protocol other than YnHub (which uses NMDC protocol).
  2. The bot has been tested only in DCDM++ v 0.401, and it is still working fine on a system with 768 MB RAM and a crappy processor.
Functions of Bot:
  1. Able to log the complete main-chat, upto the maximum length of 800 characters each line.
  2. Stores the chat log in files names as <day>_<month>_<year>.txt format.
  3. The storing and opening is set in dcpp Listener, so the file get created automatically when the system time beomes 00:00 hours.
  4. There is a user score generator and top chatters facility available.

  1. DCDM++ client. (Preferably 0.041)
  2. A working hub (to test, or log on).
  3. Folders made in the following manners: "<year>\<month>". I have it prepared for 12 years.
  4. A file named "ChatLogHelp.txt" with following data inside it:

Okay, so now, what we need is the main LUA script which will work. Here'e that too:

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