Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box

The game is a creation of EA Sports and Criterion Games, and a really good one. The cars are realistic and the animation is just amazing. you can't take your eyes off the car, because, that causes your car to CRASH! And turn them to WRECKED!. There are a total of five-and-seventy (75) cars, and four (4) motorcycles. Yes! the game also has 4 bikes. Less number, but twice the fun. The Paradise City is rich in each kind of beauty; whether natural or artificial. You earn cars for Burning Routes (which are for select cars only), Road Rages, Stunt Runs, Races, Bill Boards, Smashes and lots more.

All the events, like Races, Stunt Runs, Burning Routes, Marked Men and Road Rages are marked as different coloured circles on the map, and are located at all the traffic signals in the game. The different coloured circles with their colours are described below.

  • Burning Routes

  • Marked Man

  • Road Rages

  • Stunt Runs

  • Races

Burning Routes

They are provided for selected cars only. In these, you have to beat the time and travel from the start to the end marked by green and red respectively in the map. Winning these routes earn you a new upgraded car model of the same company.

Marked Man

These are the yellow coloured circles in the map. You have to reach your destination without getting WASTED! Two or three cars try to smash you continuously throughout the race. But, you'll have to survive to win.

Road Rages

The red little circles are the best part of this game. just takedown other competitors' cars in the game, to acquire the target takedowns. You can also be taken down, so BEWARE! of other cars too.

Stunt Runs

You earn points for every stunt you perform in this part. You can also get multipliers for BillBoards, Air Time, Barrel Rolls etc. Their is a time limit though. The last combo you are performing will continue till you crash. The combos can be linked by reversing, smashes, boosting etc.


This is the most common part in many other car games. you have to race against some others, from start to the end of race. But, here you are rewarded only when you win the race, by securing a first position.

Now discussing the Gameplay. Why do we need to race and all? Actually, you have a Driving License in the game. This is upgraded by each win. After some continuous wins, you will notice that a new car enters the Paradise City; which neds to be shut down to own it. You need to spot that car on the roads, and take it down. it will reach your Junkyard so that you can chose to play with it too.

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