Browsers - Always at war?

The browser war has always continued and probably will always be in action.

The most important fact giving rise to the same is "the difference in browsing speeds". Almost all the browsers clain to be the fastest browser ever on Earth; which can of course be never true. So, to look into the matter; and to cut the long talks to short; I tested the brwsing speeds of 3 different free-browsers, which I prefer, namely: Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The results are solely based on the speed tests by the website; I have to say no more. Watch the video for the speed test results.

P.S.: If you think/feel that you're unable to understand the language or something, please let me know. Smile

P.P.S.: Those with slow internet speeds, or inability to watch YouTube videos, or just lazy enough to watch the video can check out the three images; hosted on ''; at the bottom.

  1. Opera
    Opera Browser
  2. Mozilla Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox Browser
  3. Google Chrome
    Google Chrome Browser


  1. One query........Is All these different Speed marks varies from diffrent locations and Computers internal systems

    Or Univesaly accepted everywhere .

  2. Sorry, but couldn't understand the question clearly. Please reframe the question. What does: "diffrent locations and Computers internal systems" signify?

  3. Different Locations Means.........Differeant Localties......In A Specific zone of Internet connectivity..To the main Server.....Inside A particular City....village or other term.....Doesn't matters'
    Means A area with Higher Connectivity Apart From a place with Low Signals.

    Second Refers to Computer's Internal settings.......Only I want to confirm that Is Any Modification necessary for the.......Different Browsers......separately......or not....system configuration.....Simple

  4. Another query......Give A frame to frame list of supporting tools and ad-ones of each browser.
    Only Speed test is not important.. the other facilities also matters.

  5. No add-on was used related to increasing the browsing/internet speed. Only Internet Download Manager. Which works with all the three browsers.

  6. It does depends on browser as much as internet traffic at the same time ; ping suggests differences in the proxy server as usual or firewall backing it.
    Dumbest blog ever


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